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KXLO radio covers a radius of 50 miles with a population of approximately 16,000. During the course of a week, Monday through Sunday, KXLO has a cumulative of 92%. This means the coverage, penetration, and awareness in Central Montana has approximately 15,000 listeners during any 7 day period. That's quite a bit!

All it takes is some simple arithmetic to figure the cost of advertising on KXLO which is highly competitive, realistic, fair, reasonable and unequalled in our area.

We stream our live programming world-wide, and sporting events are broadcasted and re-aired on Mid-Rivers Television Channel 59. So our sports advertisers get double their money while making a presence on TV as well.

We look forward to serving you. Please call our main office at 406-535-3441 and ask for Fred Lark, Phyllis Hall, Lynnette Lark, or Heidi Weber.  

Remember to ask your KXLO/KQPZ rep about advertising on our website!